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Pika, Pika!

Text: Ryan Sng

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It's 2019, and there's a Pokémon movie — the Ryan Reynolds vehicle, Pokémon Detective Pikachu — making serious coin at the box office. Those of us old enough to remember the first generation of Pokémon are probably surprised by the tenacity of the franchise. 23 years after its debut, the original count of 151 unique creatures has exploded to 807, the anime's ageless protagonist Ash has undergone multiple redesigns and run through several traveling companions, and Pikachu itself has progressively shed baby fat, evolving into quite the svelte electric mouse-type monster.

Pikachu weight loss meme

Through it all, Pokémon's central premise has mostly remained consistent. Spunky, unsupervised tweens venture out into the world, seeking to capture as many wild animals as possible. What for, you ask? To battle to the point of non-fatal collapse, for money and glory. Pokémon combines all the elements of a great fantasy tale for children — poaching, dog fights, a complete lack of authority figures, gang wars (hello, Team Rocket!)... Oh, plus respect for others and teamwork, of course!

One aspect of Pokémon that's been largely overlooked is its fashion. We'll ignore the gym leaders (whose attire often strays into costume-y territory) and zero in on the average trainers. These kids may be sleeping rough and wandering from town to town on their ethically-questionable hunting trips, but that doesn't detract any from their colourful hiking gear/streetwear-hybrid style. In fact, we'd argue that the lewks served by Ash, Misty, Brock et al. over the years have somewhat influenced designers like Virgil Abloh and Kim Jones with their youthful, pop-utilitarian affectations. To help you nail the childhood look of your — ok, fine, ours too — dreams, we've put together an shoppable edit of pieces (click on the captions) to get you into character on your next Pokémon Go! outing; just be careful not wander distractedly into traffic or off a ledge.

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