How to wear fail-safe prints without looking basic

How to wear fail-safe prints without looking basic

Curb your enthusiasm

Text: Jolene Khor

They say diamonds are forever, but then so are polka dots, florals, tartan and stripes

It's a new year, it's a new you, but it doesn't have to be a new wardrobe. Aside from the fact that relinquishing a majority of the contents of your highly curated (one imagines) wardrobe to your younger sister/the slightly weird cousin you don't like/Salvation Army is environmentally unethical, it also points to a systemic behavior that feeds into the evil cycles of consumerism. It's a new year. Do better.

Starting with buying smarter. For some of us fashion cognoscenti, that could mean buying less, exercising our right to say no. For others, it's about making smarter decisions, so you don't end up with little hills of trendy skirts and hype sneakers that really aren't you, no matter how convincing those fashion cognoscenti from Buro 24/7 Singapore can be. Wink wink.

On that note, find below the four timeless prints front and centre in Topshop's spring/summer 2018 campaign that you don't have to be weary off, and tips on how to wear them in new ways. The idea is to be practical, not predictable.

Especially when rendered in black and white. To steer clear of 'I Love Lucy' references and to dodge accusations of being a basic b*tch (it happens), pick relaxed silhouettes — like this 19th century nightgown with a ruffle collar or a print-on-print deconstructed dress.

Second skin to girly girls, florals can be tricky territory for gamine femmes. Find those set against black to toughen wilting lilies, or tuck a billowy piece into straight cut denims. An ugly shoe further pushes your agenda.

No longer reserved for the fall/winter season, this print has officially checked into warmer climates. Throw some above baby T-shirts (an antidote to the oversized variety from 2017). Better yet, bravely go where many have gone: Remix with another classic print from this list. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Few things will make us groan louder than being in the company of a lazy outfit. In 2018, elevate, elevate, elevate. A mock neck striped blouse doesn't have to just be a mock neck striped blouse. This is your opportunity give love to the other standout items you own. Employ the neon pink trousers. Go for the jugular in a leopard print jacket. Take your fuzzy bedroom slippers for a walk outside. Your wardrobe is your oyster.

Topshop's spring/summer 2018 collection will be in stores in February.

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