#PillowChallenge: The Luxury Fashion Trend Everyone Can Get Into

#PillowChallenge: The Luxury Fashion Trend Everyone Can Get Into

We woke up like this

Text: Marcus Lee

Editor: Cheryl Chan

Image: Instagram | @amor_style_life

Our Prime Minister just announced an extension of Singapore's circuit breaker from one to two months. For those of us who remained at home after catching the news yes, we're side-eyeing those who didn't it was not an uncommon response to dive into our beds and scream into our pillows. Metaphorically speaking of course. Because, even if some of us have had the privilege of working from home recently, confinement is not fun for the young and restless in us.

In the spirit of we don't dress up to go out, we dress up to go out, cue the WFH outfit, mostly epitomised on social media by caricature fashion designer and Rick Owens platform boots-wearing Marc Jacobs. In a recent episode of Naomi Campbell's new YouTube series No Filter, Jacobs revealed he owns at least five pairs of those sky-scaling shoes in a myriad of pop hues. What better event to put them on for than sitting on the couch all day pondering Coco Capitan's famed Gucci sweatshirt slogan, "What are we going to do with all this future?"

Such jour de vivre epitomising escapism in fashion has also become global, in the form of #QuarantinePillowChallenge, which has been trending on Instagram since early April. Instagram users have been posting OOTD selfies of them belting their pillows to their naked torsos think Dior in the front, Kardashian at the back.

The hashtag was started by Swedish fashion influencers @myforteisfashion and @stylebynellie, who each posted photos of themselves in monochromatic lilac and Princess-Jasmine blue outfits pillows. Essentially they've combined the absurdity of our indefinite global quarantine with the style moments we forgo when we can't go to work or see our friends in-person. You're cinched sexy, but also alone in your room with no one to impress. Think of it as a sort-of solidarity for content creators who're trying to find the funny in the mundane.

#QuarantinePillowChallenge, now shortened to #PillowChallenge, have since been shared by celebrities, influencers, hairy men who want a laugh, animals, kids, and thirst-trappers alike. Basically anyone stuck at home during this global pandemic. As of now, both tags have garnered over 300K posts and counting with brands like Off-White and Hermès co-opting this challenge with their own #OffWhitePillowChallenge and #HermesBlanketChallenge, encouraging their followers to belt their branded merchandise and create cheeky outfits suited only for home.

And with no signs of quarantine being lifted in the near future, who knows what sort of fashion might come out of bored and creative social media users in weeks to come. Anyone up for a #GroceryGlam challenge anytime soon?