Overdone fashion trends from 2019 to shelve (for now), from tiny sunglasses to rattan bags

Overdone fashion trends from 2019 to shelve (for now), from tiny sunglasses to rattan bags

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Fashion trends are like seafood, in that when they're overdone/overfished, they become a little — ok, a lot — harder to enjoy. As a result, it's best to leave the most exhausted varieties alone to recover. Fortunately, forgoing a favourite accessory hurts far less than abstaining from, say, bluefin tuna. So to help you start your trend detox, we've compiled a list of the most overdone trends of the last year (along with some alternatives) below.

From tiny sunglasses... to wrap sunglasses

Teensy shades, despite their adorability, have long been on our 'out' list. There are now even more reasons, however, why they need to be taken out of rotation ASAP; like, have you seen the state of the world recently? If ignorance is bliss, slap on a pair of gargantuous, Terminator-worthy shades and look. Away. Look away!


From 'ugly sandals'... to square-toed sandals

'Ugly sandals', too, are cute in their own way, like Troll Dolls or sweetly derpy Insta pugs. When the year-end holiday season (and its attendant festivities) draws closer, one can lean instead on square-toed sandals for the same blocky appeal — but with a dressy twist.


From rattan bags... to classic leather purses

As turn-of-the-decade anxiety intensifies (2020 is creepin' up on us real quick, people), the pressure is on to get our messy millennial lives in order, particularly when it comes to our careers and personal finances. It may be time to get down to business, and to swap out breezy rattan bags for sensibly chic, businesslike purses.


From hoops and rings... to chain-links

Sometimes, one trend morphs into another, or at least appears to. Over the last year, large hoop earrings and oversized ring details on belts and zipper pulls have quietly multiplied, and fallen into formation as chunky chains.


From colour-blocked pantsuits... to printed pantsuits

Having mastered the rainbow spectrum of colour-blocked pantsuits, the fashion set is ready to get tricky with patterns. It's time to level up from RuPaul at the 2018 Creative Arts Emmys to RuPaul at the 2019 Met Gala, henny.

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