Your guide to wearing red and white \"accidentally\" on National Day

Your guide to wearing red and white "accidentally" on National Day

Patriotic pairings

Text: Debby Kwong

Editor: Jolene Khor

How to be hot at Padang next Thursday in more ways than one

Dressing up for Singapore's National Day doesn't stray far from the red and white pairing. We condone wearing your heart on your sleeve but how do you do patriotism without looking like you're flaunting the on your shoulders flag? There's something to be said about a subtle injection of a print, a naked sandal (or cowboy boots if you're celebrating abroad) and slouchy who-cares cargo pants that allow you to get away with and break away from the expected colour coding.

Look here:


Why it works: Unexpected pairings take the floral frock out of its comfort zone. Cargo pants isn't the most obvious layering piece in any outfit, much less with a Coachella-esque one from the waist up. Chunky Fendi sandals challenge the look too, in a good way.
What you need: A floaty red dress or top and cargo pants — the older the better. Swap the white acetate for mirrored Oakleys for maximum street cred.



Why it works: Athleisure isn't going anywhere any time soon. If you can't beat them, join them with the T-shirt and sweatpants combo.
What you need: A simple white T-shirt — cropped for flirting, oversized to thwart boys' attention. Classic cat-eyed sunglasses, especially the micro variety, and trendy detailing such as laces on the sweatpants make them anything but basic. 



Why it works: Checks are perfect for daytime dressing, and a matching two-piece is super on-trend with the '90s revival. Avoid picnic connotations by choosing a rich fabric or pleated detailing.
What you need: A two-piece in silk or chiffon nipped at the waist puts a Clueless spin on an otherwise ladylike outfit. PVC stilettos and large gold hoops jazz it up in a way J.Lo would approve of. 


Why it works: Separates beat the heat by showing off lots of your skin. Introduce a now-you-see-it-now-you-don't white element with a scarf which can be worn around your neck, tied as a headscarf or around your ponytail. Wrists are ok too.
What you need: A structured top because it will always make you seem more dressed up than a regular camisole. Paperbag shorts, to create the illusion of longer legs. Who, after a hotdog and Coca-Cola, would say no to that?



Why it works: Those of you who find a top-to-toe red ensemble too dramatic, breathe. Find your element in a white top of your choice and ripped jeans in whatever cut you feel most comfortable in, then season with red shoes. A little red bag wouldn't be too scary either right?
What you need: An elevated white blouse — ones with statement sleeves or crochet detailing would get a thumbs-up. Jorts ripped or bleached or both, and a shade of red in a proportion your heart can endure.

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