How to wear crazy sparkly embellished clothing just for fun, even when it's not Christmas time

How to wear crazy sparkly embellished clothing just for fun, even when it's not Christmas time

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Text: Debby Kwong

Editor: Jolene Khor

The KiraKira app is so 2017 it hurts. A dress with an effervescent twinkle however, will never be passé

You know that moment when you buy a red dress in December but can't decide if you should wear it for Christmas or save it for Chinese New Year in January? Here's a similar dilemma for consideration: you find an embellished top or sequin dress that's equal parts fabulous and OTT before Halloween even hits, and you're left to weigh the pros and cons of hiding it in your closet until the department stores start playing festive jingles, and biting the bullet, wearing it to your cousin's wedding the very next the weekend.

There's no guessing which side the Buro team bats for, since it's all about glitz and glamour this season with heavy duty embellishments that blind. As such, diamante, paillettes and sequins are no longer limited to date night or special occasions; it's all about catching every ray of light you can get in the daytime. Spotted on the runways of Paco Rabanne, Balmain, Prabal Gurung, Halpern and Gucci, this bold dressing goes perfectly with the Instagram-led trend of vintage beaded handbags. Do it one better by layering with down-to-earth seashell anklets to ward of drama queen comments.

To ensure you shimmer like a sensible adult (as opposed to a walking, talking Christmas tree), pair the embellished item with a understated neutral. It all boils down to the basic. For example, a high-shine skirt with a elegant paper-thin cashmere sweater. A heavily bejewelled paillette dress that swishes with each step you make calls for sneakers or combat boots. Anything with a heel will scream fancy Nancy. Off-duty model is not off limits — a graphic bomber jacket with dazzling motifs, a low-key T-shirt and ripped jeans will do.

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