Here's where you can buy stylish, reusable face masks online

Here's where you can buy stylish, reusable face masks online

Best face forward

Text: Cheryl Chan

Now that the government has mandated that masks are compulsory every time you leave the house, it seems like we're all going to be wearing face masks for much longer than we expected. While in Singapore, most of us were lucky enough to receive complimentary masks from the government, many other countries around the world haven't been as lucky, with many of their own front line health workers struggling to get the right PPE for themselves.

While fashion isn't considered essential in a pandemic, many are looking to give back, with most notably Christian Siriano being one of the first few to quickly pivot his operations to help the city of New York with the production of reusable fabric face masks. Many brands have been quick to follow suit, with a myriad of brands from the home made craft sellers of Etsy to contemporary labels like Reformation and Alice and Olivia looking to re-focus their creativity towards stylish face masks that are still functional. Many of theses brands are also operating under a buy-one-donate-one model, where the company will donate a mask to the needy on your behalf, or give proceeds from the sale of the masks to charitable foundations.

Masks itself haven't been an anomaly within the fashion industry. Just think of the fall/winter 20 Marine Serre show that foreshadowed what was to come.

And as the circuit breaker drags on, it seems like face masks will be the new currency of the world and weekly grocery trips becoming the highlight of many. And since style has gone out of the window as no one has the occasion (or frankly, the mood) to get dressed up anymore, a stylish face mask could be one of the last few frontiers you could have for a fashion perk-me-up. Especially when you're in a place where social distancing can prove to be difficult (yes, auntie behind me in the NTUC queue, you're way too close to me), or an essential worker who still has to out and about every single day.

Bear in mind that these are NOT replacements for medical grade quality masks like the N95. But they still can be effective in terms of preventing the droplets of an infectious or asymptomatic person from spreading. Just remember to wash your hands before you put them on and taking them off, and do not play or adjust them once you have them on.

So stay safe, stay stylish (if you want), and for the love of humanity, keep your droplets to yourself.