5 headwear trends to try your hand at this fall

5 headwear trends to try your hand at this fall

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Text: Andrea Sim

This is how you give good head. Pun intended

With every season comes newfound obsessions. Take the fall/winter 2016 runways that heralded the rise of logomania. Come spring/summer 2017, typography in fashion evolved to include a fixation on empowering slogans. This season, fall 2017's leading lady steps forward in a variety of interpretations. From berets, headbands to cloche hats, we bring you the five headpieces worth topping off your ensembles hereforth.

Spotted at: Marc Jacobs, Jacquemus and Anna Sui
Pro tip: In light of the upcoming crisp climate, layer up on knitwear and irony — the latter a pre-requisite to pulling off fall's exagerrated take on the 20th century bell hat, one that shares the same name as the translucent covers commonly used to protect plants. Ideally, wear it to a garden-themed dinner. Can your host really blame you for taking the dress code seriously? 

Spotted at: Gucci, Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana
Pro tip: Step one: Erase all visions of Jane Fonda from your memory. Step two: If a slogan is preferred, pick one you're comfortable repping. Step three: Refer back to step one. If all else fails, place yourself on a temporary ban from other forms of athleisure.

Spotted at: Prada, Anya Hindmarch and Coach 
Pro tip: No guts, no glory. Fall's fur headpieces were envisioned for maximum impact, the way an exclamation mark is to a sentence. Whether it's Prada's Eskimo-inspired wraparound or Coach's inflated baseball cap, donning them with absolute conviction is key. You got this!.

Spotted at: Bora Aksu, House of Holland and Loewe
Pro tip: The detailing you're really after here is the tie that trails from the headpiece. Wear the thick grosgrain variety flush under the chin, and thinner cord-like types styled like a necklace — slack down the décolletage. Let the cowboy jabs roll off your back. 

Spotted at: Christian Dior, Wanda Nylon and Nicholas K
Pro tip: Lose the baguette. As much as it is tempting to channel the quintessential French girl, 2017's berets are best worn out of context. Like Dior, pair it with workwear. Or if streetwear is your current jam, take it to town with an oversized shirt and worn-in denim.