FW15 Micro Trend: Inside-out pockets

FW15 Micro Trend: Inside-out pockets


Text: Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha

A practical, albeit outrageously in-your-face, design trend from the fall/winter 2105 shows

If you've ever had a problem reaching into your pockets for coins or spare notes, we believe the issue has been addressed at the fall/winter 2015 shows. The solution provided by the designers? Simple: Turn pockets inside-out. Introduced on the front of skirts at Fendi (both midi and mini), and on jeans at Moschino (okay granted, these are more for aesthetics than practicality), exterior pockets not only provides handy access to knick knacks but also doubles as hand-warmers. Our verdict? Win-win. 

Pockets inside out - Fendi FW15

FW15 Micro Trend Stella Jeans pockets inside out

FW15 Micro Trend Moschino pockets inside out