5 \"ugly\" fashion trends from the 2000s you should seriously reconsider

5 "ugly" fashion trends from the 2000s you should seriously reconsider

It's a faux past

Text: Jolene Khor

There's a difference between a crop top and a belly button top; it's called Paris Hilton

If the fashion decades were disguised as typical high school tropes, flapper girls of the '20s would play the drama queens, while the rigidity, the precise construction of Betty Crocker-esque dresses symmetrise the '50s with the nerds. On the other hand, '70s bohemian princesses are highly likely (pun intended) to be pigeonholed as the stoners, and the disco-going, leather-wearing rebellious babes lighting up the '80s would be the life of the party.

But what of the 2000s? The pop years by far suffer from the worst reputation; the noughties reduced to the status of a dethroned popular kid. Albeit wildly emulated by the masses, the world hasn't been very kind to the Britneys and Parises of fashion. Navel rings? Don't even go there. Neckties with t-shirts? Even Gwen Stefani can't pull that off. Trucker caps? We'll pretend that fad never happened, though Kylie Jenner wouldn't. But fashion is karma — what goes around comes around and boy, is this black sheep coming around. 

Behold, the five forgotten trends from the 2000s designers are putting back on the style map:

1. The top that takes guts
No matter your size, there's a crop top for everyone. But bra tops and belly button tops — the kind that cuts a couple inches lower and sits soberingly at the midriff — can be particularly unforgiving, especially when worn with the equally millennium-friendly, but grossly dreaded low slung pants. While you plan your crunch routine, look out for options with heavier sleeves, whether in length, width or volume; they offer the bit of modesty you're going to wish for.

2. The heels attached to a manicure mandate
The Cinderella slippers that grazed red carpets from 2000 to 2009 were plastic. Cold, shiny, hard plastic. (Bonus points if you get the reference). Similar to the ones donned by the Mean Girls, 2017 renditions of the clear heels are kept under three inches and come adorned with a nostalgic feature or two. See: The Barbie pump silhouette on Moschino and a blooming fleur on the Miu Miu sandal. Wear with a bubble skirt for maximum impact.

3. The millennium suiting
The 2000s played it so cazh, it appropriated jeans and T-shirt as evening wear. In what then, did the trendy wear on down days? The model off-duty memo reads "velour tracksuits". Specifically, bright, bedazzled bum, velour tracksuits. Thankfully, designers such as Victoria Beckham (who had to endure her fair share of neon during her Spice Girl days) and Glenn Martens of Y/Project, thought better. They dipped the fabric primarily in darker dyes, and steered any and all bling away from the nether regions. Demna Gvasalia's Juicy Couture collaboration at Vetements is a notable exception, accepted for its clever use of irony.

4. The sights that sparkle
Understatement was the name of the game at the turn of 2010, exemplified by the departure of John Galliano's grandeur from Dior and the rise of quiet sophistication that is The Row by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. But as the later part of this decade bears witness to a resurgence of the 'more' — with compliments to Alessandro Michele's Gucci — bejewelled sunglasses make a timely comeback; not with a fizzle but with a bang. This season, go big or go home. 

5. The "dress pants"
"Before you leave the houselook in the mirror and remove one accessory", the advice most commonly attributed to Coco Chanel, was dutifully ignored in the 2000s. Today, we don't consider trousers an accessory, but back then, the rules were a little different, so to speak. It was hardly enough to wear the dress, we had to wear the pants too. A political statement it wasn't, but a disaster nonetheless — until the likes of Saint Laurent, Toga and Rosie Assoulin streamlined the look and made it oh-so-new again.