The hat box bag is shaping up to be this season's must-have silhouette

The hat box bag is shaping up to be this season's must-have silhouette

Trend spotting

Text: Andrea Sim

Short of reinventing the wheel, the 19th century hat box takes new shape as spring/summer's accessory to bag

Have you ever attempted packing five fedoras/trilbys/panamas into your suitcase, only to realise that it makes for inefficient packing? Assuming a successful attempt, here's fair warning that those five fedoras/trilbys/panamas that emerge on the other side may never be the same again. A little dent here. An unsightly fold there.

Ergo, the hat box. The first iteration can be traced back to the 1800s, cylindrical and reminiscent of today's bucket bags with a lid tacked on. Then, innovation ensued: some tailored to fit specific hats, others resembled round cake boxes, with the "upright" circular ones inspiring spring/summer's It-silhouette.

But of course, those dedicated to hats as the headgear to rep are few and far between today. If anything, caps are the modern choice of crown, for they’re easier to travel with, a lot more casual, and in recent years, a pawn in the game of hype. So while the hat box has fallen to the wayside indefinitely, it has re-emergered in the form of bags — unanimous, yet diversified.

Saint Laurent; showy in its animal print but effectively rock 'n' roll when paired with the right denim. Cult Gaia; switching up the archetype of raffia bags, woven for sand and city alike. Moynat; cut clean, deep-hued, enabling smooth transition from desk to drinks. Below, six reasons not to be square this season. 

Saint Laurent's Mica will be available at the brand's boutiques from May 2018. Shop Moynat's Mini Sphere in stores.