Sustainability driven capsule collections to shop better this Earth Day

Sustainability driven capsule collections to shop better this Earth Day

Green agenda

Text: Asri Jasman

Earth Day is a big deal and something that we should all care about. Not only because it pertains to the planet that we inhabit — and in turn, our very existence — but it's also about being aware of realtime issues that are already affecting us and will affect our future as well as generations after.

It's no wonder then that fashion brands are increasingly getting in on the movement. Creating Earth Day capsule collections is no longer an anomaly; it has become a way for brands that have yet to adopt more sustainable practices to experiment and produce small batches of items that have been made using environmentally friendly materials or production methods.

Of course, there's no doubt that these capsule collections add on to more 'stuff' that may already be laying as waste in landfills. But the fact that there are more environmentally conscious options out there, is a good sign that brands do care and listen to our needs as consumers who want them to do better and be better.

At the end of the day, the onus is on us as consumers to be mindful of our purchases. No matter how environmentally conscious or sustainable a product is, that doesn't mean that it can be regarded as disposable. Everything should be valued as style investments with as much care put into them to extend their lifespan as possible.

For Earth Day 2021, we've selected some of the brands that have created environmentally conscious capsule collections you'd want to look into. It's style and substance with these ones.

ASICS Earth Day Pack

ASICS boasts that this is its most environmentally friendly cross-category collection to date. Five tons of textile waste — equivalent to 25,000 T-shirts — have been recycled into its entire slate of sneakers for the Earth Day Pack. The earth-toned sneakers were also made using lower impact methods such as a solution dyeing process that's said to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by around 45 percent and uses 33 percent less water than conventional dyeing processes.

Emporio Armani eyewear

Crafted from the more sustainable bio-acetate — acetate that has a higher content derived from renewable sources — Emporio Armani's selection of sustainable eyewear is aesthetically similar to its more traditionally produced pieces. Eyewear that protects your eyes while also protecting the environment? No brainer there.

New Balance Vision Racer ReWorked

New Balance Vision Racer ReWorked.

The chunky soled sneaker done in collaboration with Jaden Smith receives a more sustainable interpretation in the New Balance Vision Racer ReWorked. The latest iteration incorporates elements of recycled materials in everything from its midsole to its Spinnex (a material that's made up of at least 30 percent recycled textile waste) upper and tongue.

The New Balance Vision Racer ReWorked is priced at $209 and is available at New Balance Paragon and Bugis Junction, Foot Locker Singapore as well as from 22 April.

Pedro rePedro

Featuring a slew of footwear and bags for both men and women, homegrown brand Pedro's rePedro collection is the brand's fourth eco-friendly effort. The collection focuses on the use of a better canvas alternative that's composed of organic cotton — a more natural alternative that has a lower environmental impact as opposed to regular cotton.

Pomelo Purpose

Pomelo Purpose.

Pomelo's Purpose collection is its Earth Day capsule collection that's been designed with the mindset of reconnecting with nature. The 28-piece collection features pieces made from organic cotton, water-neutral denim, and recycled polyester, all while still retaining that sense of style and affordability that we've come to love about Pomelo.

Salvatore Ferragamo Earth Top Handle bag

Showing that craftsmanship and sustainability can go hand in hand, Salvatore Ferragamo has reinterpreted its iconic Top Handle bag from the '90s. The outer of the Earth Top Handle bag is made entirely out of cork with trims composed of recycled and certified polyester. Its lining is crafted from pure linen too, making this limited-edition piece almost completely biodegradable.

Timberland GreenStride

Timberland GreenStride soles.

Who knew that sugar cane (delicious as it is as a drink) could be part of an environmentally friendly alternative to rubber soles? Timberland's latest sustainable effort comes in the form of the GreenStride soles that have been fitted onto a series of footwear. GreenStride soles are composed of 75 percent renewable materials, of which sugar cane is one of them. And they're green too, just so you can tell that they're better for the planet.

Tommy Hilfiger One Planet

Tommy Hilfiger One Planet.

Tommy Hilfiger is no stranger to the sustainability game, having made public commitments to being a sustainable company as a whole. Its One Planet capsule collection captures focuses on recycled and organic materials that are so soft, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them and a regular fashion piece. To underscore the point, the graphics created for the collection are quite pretty too.

The Tommy Hilfiger One Planet capsule collection is available at select Tommy Hilfiger stores islandwide.