Double denim: How to avoid turning Canadian tuxedos into Canadian tuxe-don’ts

Double denim: How to avoid turning Canadian tuxedos into Canadian tuxe-don’ts


Text: Debby Kwong

Editor: Ryan Sng

The siren call of double denim has lured many a fashion victim to their demise. To the style neophyte, DD (we Singaporeans sure love our acronyms, don't we?) or the Canadian tuxedo can be as hard and unforgiving as a prison mattress.

But we don't think you should pull an Odysseus and plug your ears with beeswax (really committing to this siren metaphor here). We promise that perfect head-to-toe denim is attainable... even if you don't hold a North American passport and have never seen the inside of a factory.

Here are five foolproof tips for chic all-over denim that'll leave you asking, "Britney and Justin who?"

  1. Never, under any circumstances — even with a gun to your head — match two completely identical shades of denim separates. You will be shunned, and rightfully so. Chances of redemption from your onesie-esque faux-pas are next to nil, and it will *cue darkness and scary flashlight face*  haunt you to your grave.

  2. For those yet unprepared to take on subtle gradations of the same colour, we recommend starting off nice and easy with a light-wash jacket and black jeans or denim shorts. A little basic, sure, but we believe in learning to walk before you run.

  3. Despite the rainbow of options out there, denim is still indelibly linked with blue. If you're worried about looking like an '80s Levi's ad come to life, opt instead for grey, olive and white combinations; or, as we like to call them, stealth tuxes.

  4. If you're going for an unbuttoned shirt or shirt/jacket look, break up the monotony with a crewneck tee in a contrasting colour. Should classic white and black seem too expected, grey will complement most colours well.

  5. Ready to level up and live that DD life all day, errday? Then dress the look up for the workplace with a crisp white shirt, tucked into dark indigo jeans and layered under a matching jacket. Keep the latter roomy, to retain denim's signature effortless feel.

Below, an edit of our favourite double-denim highlights from fall 2018 runways:


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