Date night looks for your virtual Zoom date that will surprise your partner

Date night looks for your virtual Zoom date that will surprise your partner

Virtual love

Text: Natasha Khoury

In a normal climate  where you can actually see and touch your significant other relationships can difficult. Add stay-home orders into the mix alongside physical distancing measures, and you get a temporary long-distance relationship you never bargained for. To keep the flame alive and burning, many couples have resorted to virtual Zoom dates. Although its very tempting to sport your cozy and comfortable silk pajama set, a flattering date night outfit is the positivity boost that will get you feeling excited and more like your pre-virus self. And not to mention, remind your significant other  and you  what you look like outside pajamas and workout clothes.

It's understandable, when living in isolation, priorities shift from dressing up in feel-good sexy outfits to letting it all hang out in loose clothing. Whilst there is no one-size-fits-all solution, wearing a sexy number and rocking comfortable clothes are definitely not mutually exclusive. That's right  you can have both. So, whether you are watching a movie on Netflix party, indulging in a Michelin starred meal takeaway, or propping up your Zoom computer call in your kitchen to cook a romantic meal together, our stunning date night outfits will inspire you to look your best and leave your partner with instant heart eyes.

A cropped tee and a leather mini skirt

There's nothing sexier than a miniskirt. But not just any skirt a leather miniskirt. A trend that will continue to prevail, leather miniskirts not only form your shape, but they also are super comfortable and sturdy. Show off some extra skin with a crop tee and you're good to go.

A maxi dress

The embodiment of comfy chic, flowy maxi dresses can be super flattering and feminine. A maxi dress like this one will show just the right amount of skin while keeping it classy, sexy and cozy.


You can't go wrong with a little black dress. Serving effortless glamour, a simple black dress stands the test of time, surpassing new and old trends. Plus, its elegance means that you can dress it up with a couple of accessories like belts and jewelry or choose a muted approach.

A stylish jumpsuit

Days spent agonizing over matching separates are a thing of the past. Searching for a stylish and painless outfit? Jumpsuit's are the go-to choice now. Their one-and-done nature and complimentary silhouette make it completely suitable for any date and a must-have in all closets.

Fitted jeans and a silk blouse

Another wardrobe stable, a classic silk blouse's lightweight fabric provides that extra softness when brushed against your skin. On top of that, it's timeless appeal and versatile nature means that you can pair it with comfortable fitted jeans (or shorts if your house is warm) for an elevated casual date night look.


A matching co-ord set

A matching set does all the style work for you. It's cute, its flirty and makes a strong statement with minimal effort required. On top of its coordinated appeal, there are so many different varieties of two-pieces out there. From staples like skirts and crop tops to trousers and blazers, you are bound to find the right pair that will leave you feeling the most confident and romance ready.

A slip dress

Delicate and silky, slip dresses ooze of sex appeal from its lingerie piece origins. Its buttery soft fabric, silhouette shape and luxury feel are unmatched. Donning a sassy slip during your date night will bring in glamour and sensuality to your date when you need it the most.