The most pragmatic trend on our hit list: Utility pockets

One to keep

Text: Jolene Khor

That magic moment when fashion meets function

Fashion is not known to be practical. And we're not even talking about designers' avant-garde turns, but the everyday pieces that earn most rounds in the laundry cycle.

Take off-shoulder tops. We believe we speak for the masses when we say that they look good on Instagram — until you have to reach the second tier of a shelf for a bag of potato chips, or pull your hair in a ponytail. Anyone who can do those all the while preventing their top from riding up to their neck deserves a round of applause. Kitten heels are just as big a nuisance as they are a lifesaver. Sure, the low height means ease of walking, but getting them stuck in potholes or on the ridges of escalator steps is inevitable.

Then once in a while, fashion levels with our pleas for a functional take on beauty. Our prayers are answered early this season in the form of utility pockets — a trend Cos, the ever practical Scandinavian brand, is in a hurry to embrace.

It's easy to see why. Aside from its commodious nature, Cos' adaptation of the pragmatic feature into actual design is smart. Spot above, the pocket within pocket on mini skirts, stiff envelope styles on workman shirts, oversized compartments on drawstring jackets and the buttoned foldover on the bum bags.

Now that's a trend we can get our hands on — and in.

The collection will be available in Cos stores by September.


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