Beyond the bag: 3 style icons with signature looks still trending now

Beyond the bag: 3 style icons with signature looks still trending now

What's in a name?

Text: Andrea Sim

Not defined by the bags that bear their name, we revisit the signature styles of three iconic trendsetters

Jane Birkin, Alexa Chung and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis all have one thing in common: It-bags named after them. But these timeless style icons are much more than a leather accessory, regardless of how in demand they may be. We look back at the signature styles of these three ladies that either rocked the trends in their time or kickstarted the fashion set's latest FW15 obsessions. And that, by our books, is the hallmark of a true style icon. 

1. Jane Birkin, Hermès Birkin
Long before the trends of white sneakers, off-shoulder blouses, and cropped tops blew up, Jane Birkin recognised their appeal and frequently wore the tops paired with flared trousers, and white sneakers with jeans. 

Jane Birkin with the Hermès Birkin

White sneakers

Off-shoulder top

Cropped top

2. Alexa Chung, Mulberry Alexa
It might be a little heavy-handed to describe Alexa Chung's style as timeless, but one thing's for sure — she knows how to get the ball rolling. The denim maestro perpetuated these trends in the utilitarian fabric: Dungarees, smocked-front dresses and denim-on-denim (yes, double-denim people).
Alexa Chung with the Mulberry Alexa

Denim dungarees

Smocked-front denim dressDenim on denim

3. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Gucci Jackie bag
Who knew Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis would be that on point with FW15? With roll-neck sweaters, flouce-hem skirts, and puffy sleeves, the late former First Lady flaunted signature looks that check off almost half the list of our FW15 trend report. 

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Jackie Kennedy Onassis with the Gucci Jackie bag

Roll-neck sweater

Flounce-hem skirt

Puffy sleeves