4 key, trendy fashion items you need to weather the gloomy, rainy season in style in Singapore

4 key, trendy fashion items you need to weather the gloomy, rainy season in style in Singapore

Weathering with you

Text: Gordon Ng

Editor: Jolene Khor

In place of snow and winter, the festive season in Singapore is marked by the monsoon. Storms, heavy rain, and bouts of rare cold weather are as close as it gets for those living in the tropics with a penchant for fall dressing. Naturally, that makes it the type of weather that year-round lightweight cottons and linens are unsuited for. Instead, look to these kinds of pieces to standby for wet weather style.

Combat boots to stomp around in

I'll admit, this one is informed largely by the very brief trials and tribulations of military service. But! There is a good reason these boots are employed and standard issue for the job of weathering almost any terrain and weather imaginable. In a more casual context, think of the boots that seasoned festival goers like Alexa Chung wear for rainy days at Coachella. Many high fashion brands are, of course, making their own versions of combat boots — Ann Demuelemeester is reliably elegant, while brands like Prada, Valentino, and Gianvito Rossi have come up with their own — so you can give strict pragmatism a fancy touch. If thousand-dollar designer boots are too precious, however, brands like Dr Martens and Timberland are both affordable and classic enough to be cool.


Raincoats for hands-free cover

Umbrellas are kind of a pain. You have to remember to bring one out, wrap it up when you enter a building, and hope it doesn't wet the contents of your bags. The clear solution is raincoats (pun unintended). Many fashion brands these days have, oddly enough, their own take on a PVC coat — whether it's a tiger print by Ganni or a logo-manic Balenciaga. The ideal version of this style is one that's both functionally waterproof as well as funky enough so it looks like a savvy fashion choice. If you lean on the side of minimalism, look for technical fabrics with sharp cuts like this Jil Sander parka.


Sweaters to layer with

If you're following the above advice to wrap up in a raincoat, it raises the natural question of what to wear inside? Smart layering is key here, and the most versatile option is a sweater in a premium fabric with a lighter weight. The idea is to not sweat while you're out in the rain (it happens!), and not shiver after you've gone indoors and taken the coat off. Wool and cashmere are good, better yet if they come in a tidy blend like this Proenza Schouler one. I'm also an advocate for silk and cotton blend sweaters, like this one from Loro Piana, which have the perfect amounts of cling, comfort and chic.


Waterproof bags to protect your belongings

The only thing worse than getting yourself wet is opening up your bag and discovering that it's been flooded. This is where nylon really comes into its own, and you can look straight at Prada, the originator of designer nylon bags. Their backpacks have made a comeback, and are as practical as they are eternally cool. Other styles that often come in technical fabrics include belt bags (this one from A Cold Wall is tastefully subdued), and shopper totes like this vinyl Marc Jacobs tote made in collaboration with the Peanuts comics.

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