Vetements: Why two pairs of jeans are better than one

Vetements: Why two pairs of jeans are better than one

Double denim

Text: Andrea Sim

We unravel the allure behind the Vetements cut-and-sew jeans — that dominated the streets this FW16 show season — and also tell you where to cop a pair

They are the new 'it' jeans — and it's really more intriguing than surprising, given the waves of tsunami-like proportions that cult label Vetements has set in motion since spring/summer 2016. At the current FW16 show season, the brand's notorious denim has been paraded on the streets like a badge of honour by every editor and industry insider. But what is it about two pairs of vintage Levi's spliced and stitched back together that has every sartorially savvy female on the hunt? 

And it's not just the ladies. After being asked by even the most level-headed of men as to whether these jeans — which are made for women — would fit well on a man (yes, all in the name of fashion), we've decided to dissect and analyse the almost irrational attraction of Vetements' denim. Looking to grab a pair for yourself? Well, it's sold out almost everywhere. But we'll let you in on where you can find them as well. Scroll down.

1. It's irrefutably and undeniably badass
Those raw, uneven high-low hems? It's not rocket science, but it's also unlike anything we've seen before either. It serves to underscore the enigmatic vintage provenance of the denim, whilst adding a more charmingly undone — not to mention non-descript — allure, than ripped jeans. 

2. It puts all other patchworked jeans to shame
And just like that, walking around with star motifs and quirky patches on your denim — or dare we say, contrasting stitching — was so last season. Instead, it's all about the subtle two-tone shading achieved through fabric sourced from two separate articles of clothing, and multiple visible seams that are the new embellishments. 

3. Because two, ultimately, is always better than one
Double the jeans, double the pockets, and double the design details. It's also genius yet discrete branding. After forking out for a pair of Vetements jeans, trust us, you'll want the world to know they're not just Levi's. See below. 



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