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Want to know what the problem is with most fashion fads? Don't get us wrong — we adore them all, but practically has never stayed long at the epicentre of style. To our dismay, sexiness and functionality are not symbiotic, their coexistence not frequently a natural occurence. But once in a while, in comes a trend marrying the two with grace.

Lately, that phenomenon is called socks. Socks. The clothing item as old as time, the sporty absorber of sweat, the fabric standing between you and frostbite in the dead of winter. Good ol' socks. 

Thankfully, they haven't gone through a major facelift since they last saw prominence of this scale in the mid '90s — some things are sacred. All hail the basic pair cool noughties kids tried to shun. You know, the thick white cotton kind nerds were teased for. In 2017, they're open season regardless of your social status and footwear choice; slides, stilettos, slip ons, nothing feels off key. Whether your logo vibe is Vetements, Nike or the resuscitative Reebok, go ahead and lend support to the still-strong athleisure leitmotif. No emblem? No problem.

On the other spectrum, glitter socks are best worked with mules (chunky and/or fuzzy) and satin heels. All shades welcome, but fashion week regulars are drawn to the grey colourway. Stockings are feet-friendly this season too. Good news if you feel strong kinships with those that go two inches and two feet above your ankles — they're both winners. Stock up in black and white.

This editor's favourite shoe sidekick is the sheer type of ankle grazers that come with a frill elastic and polka dot print. The ones reminiscent of those our mothers picked out for us from her favourite department stores, long before we were able to dress ourselves. Pretty in powdery pastels, they were previously worn with flat Mary-Janes for fancy birthday parties and lunches where adults are present. The grown up pairs aren't that far departed, except we now tuck them under snakeskin pumps.

How's that for #flashbackfriday?


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