The street style trend we ought to thank our mothers for

Mother knows best

Mums. They're lauded for their unwavering commitment to their family, are able to juggle work, children and marriage better than some of us can with two tennis balls and they always have the most pointed advice, some of which we wish we heeded. (Sorry, ma)

But alas, even Wonder Woman has flaws. If there was one department mums don't naturally score a lot of points in, it would be fashion. Who can blame them? Give our seasoned fashionistas a baby, a burp cloth plus a bag full of diapers and we bet their sartorial sense will wave a white flag instantly too. And when clothes < children, it's only practical that comfortable basics are the first thing our personal Diana Prince reach out for after the baby bottle. At the top of that laundry pile: Mum jeans.

During their hey-day in the late '80s and '90s, the stiff pants were mostly caught tucking in a polo t-shirt and held up by a fanny pack. Not. Very. Glam. Which is why it's so good to see how their street style savvy kids are proudly reclaiming this shamed trend with gusto years later, eliminating the unpleasant implications attached with "mum jeans" and simultaneously paying tribute to the women that came before them.

Sure, the 2017 versions have gone through numerous face lifts — hemmed, scuffed, and thrown on over fishnet stockings sans questionable bags — but they're still mummy jeans in essence: Slightly stonewashed and roomy around the legs. Aka a perfectly nostalgic choice for Mother's Day.


Text: Jolene Khor

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