50 ways to wear a puffer jacket without looking like the Michelin Man

Roll call

Text: Jolene Khor

Whether you're genuinely down for the puffer — Get it? Get it? — or you're simply an enemy of the cold, find a coverage that works for you

It is the very point of fashion, to look good. But as Singaporeans and residents of this little island nation know too well — what with our constant war with the weather — sometimes the elements just refuse to cooperate with our best laid #OOTD plans. Mother Nature does whatever the heck it wants.

Funny is it not, that at home, at 33 degree Celsius, we work out every reason to rock up to the office in a sweater without feeling the sweat trickling down our backs, our idiocy flashing in our brains. That battle of desire and pragmatism, ever extant. Abroad, however, the story is told in reverse. Past the point of flattering layering, jaunts to Japan in January or Australia in June can demand for bulk, often by way of a puffer jacket — to which many a fashion folk resist. Just browse the gallery above; we spot several who flat out refuse to shrug the down over the shoulders, opting instead (one assumes) to freeze.

When practicality reigns supreme, the styling truly soars. Like when thigh high boots are milked to their full potential, to emphasize traditionally "womanly" proportions; like when belts thick and thin are cinched on ensembles in dire need of shape. Where bottoms are concerned, two trends emerge — flowing skirts constructed with thin fabrics to contrast the stiff titanic outerwear, and patent trousers, because impact. An unexpected popular option: Packing it on. That's right. Add fuel to the fire. Go for broke. Top off the down jacket with a wool overcoat or raise the puff from under with a fine cut suit (hoodie works too). By embracing the puffer, you let it embrace you too.

Yeah we said it. 


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