Can Chanel and street style stars convince you to wear a sailor hat?

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Text: Jolene Khor

First seen all over the nautical-inspired Chanel Métiers d'Art Paris-Hamburg 2017/2018 collection, the fashion pack has quickly caught on the sailor hat hype. Will you?

There's always that one thing.

The one bag, the particular shoe, the specific jacket that will sweep over fashion circle, leech onto the social media crawl, possess the mind of every man and woman who aches to be relevant. That is, until our delicate attention spans run out of juice, inevitably yanking us out of our daze to declare yet another trend It. 

This phenomenon happened with the Balenciaga Triple S last year overseas and in Singapore, the prelude to our favouritism of the Louis Vuitton Archlight now. The same need-it-must-have-it-or-else energy also engulfed the tartan trench coat from Uniqlo's collaboration with J.W. Anderson. Even Gucci Dionysus couldn't escape this vortex. Fashion in 2018 is a game of hype — and those who can turn a stinger into a staple, the last bag, shoe, jacket standing if you will, wins. 

Models wearing Chanel's Métiers d'Art 2017/2018 collection

Latest contender in this on-going war of the chic is Chanel, specifically Chanel's sailor hat, which debuted at last December's Métiers d'Art showing in Hamburg; a nucleus to the sea of sailor hats that have since floated out of luxury and high street labels alike, naturally landing on the shore of the stylish.

See them adapt their wardrobe to the trend in the gallery above, and vote below if you intend on sailing with or away from the accessory this summer. Just so you know, there are no wrong answers.

Super cute, ergo heck yes!
Super cute, ergo heck yes!
That would be a no.
That would be a no.


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