5 current shoe trends that will continue their stride into fall

Keep on walking

Text: Jolene Khor

How else are you going to repurpose your summer favourites?

A new fashion season shouldn't command a complete wardrobe overhaul. Sure, you might update your lineup with a Chanel Ground Control quilt or two. Efforts in resisting The Volon's lunchbox bags can be futile too. But where your feet are concerned, your checking account will be happy to learn that though the sole of your spring/summer winners have seen better days, their styles have not worn out their relevance. Behold, the footwear trends projected to hold their fort as seen at the recent Copenhagen Fashion Week.

1. Sock boots
Let your hems graze the top of your ankles to give the boots maximum exposure.

2. Satin mules
Matching bag optional.


3. Athletic footgear with platforms

These will never really phase out, especially the white kinds.


4. Balenciaga Speed Trainer

You'll spot editors stomping all over the upcoming fashion weeks in this coveted trainer du jour.


5. Socks with open-toed shoes

Repeat after us: Frostbite is not a fashion statement.


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