25 ways to wear green without looking like a Christmas tree

Woodland beauty

Text: Jolene Khor

The jingle bell rocks... except when it hangs on your festive wear. You've been warned

So it's been established in the last 356 days that green was (well technically, still is) the official colour of 2017. As the year is wrapping up and the temptation to banish the tree-hugging hue to make way for an ultra violet closet builds, let us take this moment to remind you that the irony of that situation wouldn't be lost on us... and you should be contrite.

Alas, we're not here to eco-shame the trendy. We're here to encourage everyone to whip them grassy knolls into shape again, for if they are to lose relevance in a couple of weeks, they deserve to go out in a bang — especially since green is also the official shade of the festive season.

To contrast yourself from the conifer in the family portraits and wefies you'll inevitably take, and to set your party get-up far, far apart from the ugly sweaters your cousins are bound to wear (you're thinking it too), browse the gallery above to steal style ideas off the most fashionable sidewalks in the world.


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