Fashion is embracing big Balenciaga-like silhouettes with enormous outerwear

Larger than life

Text: Debby Kwong

Editor: Jolene Khor

Size matters in fashion — just not in the way that you think

It's not just us. The US$9,000 Balenciaga jacket from the label's fall/winter 2018 drop reminded the world of Joey Tribbiani's cheeky antics in one of Friends' funniest episodes. "You hide my clothes; I'm going to do the exact opposite to you," Joey said to Chandler Bing while wearing everything his roommate owns on his back. Laughs ensued. But look who's laughing now?


The excessive layering, oversized puffer jackets and exaggerated shoulders were also seen on the runways at Miu Miu, Y/Project and Marc Jacobs this year, so be ready to bid adieu to slim and tailored silhouettes no matter what Hedi Slimane tries to preach. If you don't want to be the Michelin Man but are still gunning for this big trend, go with the bold shoulders that feel very Joan Collins from Dynasty; the balance of a nipped waist with a strong '80s shoulder is attainable, and elegantly so. Another trick up our sleeves — borrowing (and never returning) a checkered blazer from the boys' department, or simply go two sizes up at the women's. Nevermind if the only part of your arm exposed are the tips of your fingers (it's cute), opportunities to let skin peekaboo aplenty if under the wool is a bodysuit, bike shorts or itty bitty mini skirts. Give them something to talk about, you know? 

While the Balenciaga, Moncler and Comme des Garcons route can be too hot to handle even in the upcoming winter, protect yourself from the harsh elements (and stares) with quilted parkas, layer-on-layer of hoodies and jackets, and if you dare, comfy puffers over puffers that will make it hard for you to lift your arms. In case you're looking to beat the record, Balenciaga's parka has seven layers.


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