Where to get the bag spotted all over fashion week SS18

Where to get the bag spotted all over fashion week SS18


Text: Andrea Sim

Image: Danse Lente
Image: Instagram | @handinfire,

Danse Lente, the latest addition to the fashion insider's accessory arsenal — and why it's here to stay

If we're to be brutally honest, new commodities on the fashion market rarely warrant as much as the bat of an eyelid. In the age of the Internet where social media aids a fledgling brand in more ways than a brick-and-mortar space ever could — a label's Instagram page its marketing tool, branding and bridge to sales all in one — fashion businesses seem to breed quicker than rabbits. But just how many are able to truly make their mark, dodging the cursed veil of homogeneity? Many fail to emerge from the incubation period; a duration between debut to recognition for its distinct style and voice.

In the case of Danse Lente (translating to 'slow dance' in French), the accessory label's rise, ironically, has been at record speed. Designer Youngwon Kim's eye for geometrics — a key leitmotif of the brand's unusually shaped, structural bags — might've surfaced only in fall/winter 2017, but her ace in hand, the Johnny top handle, has received more eyeballs than any new designer could hope for. It has made its rounds at fashion week, spotted perched on the arms of Net-a-Porter's Lisa Aiken, Mytheresa's Tiffany Hsu and fashion journalist Pandora Skyes.

With today's fleeting nature of fashion, could Danse Lente's It-status be temporary? Well, if Kim's ability to deconstruct the traditional blueprint of a bag — something we see in more than one of her designs below — is anything to go by, Danse Lente will soon be more than just the fashion insider's well-kept secret. Our hunch tells us it is destined to waltz into the hearts of many more.  

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