Where to get camp-collar shirts and how to wear them

Where to get camp-collar shirts and how to wear them

New uniform

Text: Andrea Sim

Warm-weather uniform

It used to be that a gentleman was only as good as his well-tailored suit, but the casual climate of menswear today sees the man less concerned with lapels or the length of his jacket sleeves. In the last two years, the all-important garment has bowed out and made way for its contemporary counterparts. Case in point: The hoodie's homecoming that was a nostalgic reunion with athleisure, but boy was it a dampener on our spirits in the heat.  

So when the spring 2018 men's fashion weeks offered the season's headlining attire in a warm weather-friendly fabric and airy cut, you could practically hear the stylish gents on our sunny shores exhaling a collective sigh of relief. By way of kitschy prints bestowed upon the camp-collar shirt, is a modern, rakish rep that overshadows its recent past — one harking eager Miami tourists and dads lacking the style gene.  

camp collar shirt street style trend

camp collar shirt street style

To maximise the style's lightweight fabric (usually a silk, satin or cotton), lop it over a T-shirt and button with insouciance to let it billow in the wind just like the above. Pro tip: If the blazing sun calls for nothing more than silk to skin, forgoing prints for a clean number floats as a fail-safe classic. 

camp collar shirt street style trend 

Those in favour of a gutsy spin should consider piling on necklaces to complement the V-neck, or giving stiff tailoring a new lease of life by pairing a jacket with a shirt boasting audacious patterns. Caution: This looks is best worn with wide-leg trousers. Ironic attitude optional, but recommended. 

camp collar shirt street style trend luka sabbat

camp collar shirt street style trend

Shop the season's best camp-collar shirts:

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