30 street style moments that defined the year

Wait, we wore what again?

Text: Andrea Sim

A look at the monumental and blow-up style sightings of 2017

They say a lot can happen in a year, but whoever "they" are have probably yet to dabble in the fashion of now. In a span of 366 days, the dress-over-jeans ensemble and kitten heels of the '00s had successful homecomings. Socks became indispensible to sandals before moving on to commandeer sneaker silhouttes — only, to rise up further making sock boots a thing. Ugly ousted chic with one triple-soled kick, while pink returned all grown up, banishing black. The kids wore Balenciaga, while adults embraced snap-off pants.

You get our gist: It’s been a whirlwind of brand spanking new trends, and the old becoming covetable again. So from fronting bum bags, triangle top handles, "chav" checks to championing sweats and logo-slapped collabs, the year's street style milestones in a nutshell above.


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