See Zayn Malik's sexy new collection with Versus Versace

See Zayn Malik's sexy new collection with Versus Versace


Text: Jolene Khor

Zayn demonstrates, through his capsule collection with Versus Versace, how to look good by being bad

Some bite-sized honesty: We're not entirely convinced Zayn lives up to the status of a style icon. Yet. With nothing but respect for Donatella Versace and the high regard she holds for her muse, the 24-year-old former One Direction teen crooner turned tattooed solo heartbreaker is fresh talent in this arena. Though never paparazzi snapped in anything but designer quilted leather jackets and carefully distressed jeans accessorised with a calculated sugary smoulder, Zayn hasn't fashioned much inspiration to colour outside the lines of rebellion. His daily model-off-duty pairings comfortably refrained, largely devoid of red flags, his rock star uniform patted down to a T. However, in the age of hype where trends pass quicker than eastbound trains on peak hour, his confidence and loyalty to his public frontage feels like a welcome overdue.

The coming together of Zayn and Versus is also as much a pull of chemistry as it is of intellect; their meeting of minds credited to Versus' know-how and Zayn's eloquence in millennial speak, a language the house is dedicated to refine. Donatella Versace translates: "The campaign defines everything I love about the new generation today. When I see this collection, I see Zayn. His attitude, his energy and his individuality are in every single piece."

Men and women whose pre-fall shopping carts resemble his bad boy mash ups will find more than enough to fuss about in the capsule collection, appropriately named 'ZAYN X VERSUS'. Zip-up bomber jackets and oversized parkas aplenty, all patched with Versus emblems; ZXV lettering inked on dresses of the T-shirt and slip varieties; skinny jeans and vegan leather pants piped with giant lacings.

"When I was a kid growing up in Bradford, England wearing knock-off Versace, I never thought that one day I would actually be designing my own collection," Zayn admits. Us too, Zayn. Us too.

The ZAYN X VERSUS capsule collection is available in stores and online.