This modest fashion label by Zalora wants to dress you up on Hari Raya

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Text: Jolene Khor

Lubna's Hari Raya capsule collection for Zalora preaches lace, brocade and delicate embroidery

She's that woman. The one every head turn towards as she enters the room, the one that never leaves it quite the same as it was when she makes her exit. You find yourself orbiting around her, intrigued, mesmerised. So do others. It's a kind of higher power coveted by all, but only awarded to few by luck, some by sheer spunk. Good looks guarantee it, charm ensures it and provocative fashion demands it — albeit with a side of unbridled notoriety.

Then there's another breed of humanity in this microcosm. They're beyond well-dressed. They collect, they ensemble. And they curate the heck out of fashion. And by that nature, their application of style is more enveloping, "coyer" than their liberated sisters. Favouring voluptuous drapes and generous swaths, 'more is more' is an uncompromised creed, a religion in itself. On those miles of fabric, embroidery holds court, textures such as brocade and lace heavily championed. At the centre of this culture is Lubna, Zalora's in-house modest fashion label. In its festive offering, 303 pieces exclusively for Hari Raya, seen above.

Be that woman.

Lubna's Hari Raya capsule collection is available on Zalora.


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