Woven perfection: Matter’s Threads & Hands collection

Woven perfection: Matter’s Threads & Hands collection

Crafted artistry

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Image: Matter

Behold Threads & Hands, Matter’s latest edition launch using the age-old technique of Jamdani

Those with a critical eye for craftsmanship will marvel over the Threads & Hands collection, the latest series of scarves to launch from Matter. This limited edition range employs a new technique in Matter's arsenal of artisan crafts. Known as Jamdani, this ancient art hails from the time of Bengal's imperial dynasty during the rule of Mughal emperors. 

Matter Threads & Hands Jamdani scarves

Acknowledged to be the most exquisite and artistic of Bengali craftsmanship, the threads of each patterned motif are painstaking hand-woven on a loom to make the finest muslin scarves.  How luxurious is it, you ask? From start to end, the journey from yarn to a finished scarf passes through 20 to 30 expert hands and takes a total of 63 days to complete.

Matter Threads & Hands Jamdani scarves

Giving this historic technique a contemporary spin, Matter has worked in conjunction with New Delhi designer, Sonica Kapur to capture the timeless essence of the Jamdani art in six fresh colour variations. The Threads & Hands collection is exactly what scarf (and craft) lovers will covet — purely traditional creations of impeccable weave that echoes a modern day grace. 

For the utmost in crafted exclusivity, own a Jamdani scarf in green and grey that is sold only at the Buro pop-up:

Matter Threads & Hands Jamdani Scarf

Source: Threads & Hands Jamdani scarves

Matter's Threads & Hands collection is available here and at the Buro Pop-up Store located at 6 Scotts Road, Scotts Square 01-06 (open daily from 10am to 10pm).

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