Reinterpreting stylish classics: Warehouse autumn/winter 2016

Major revamp

Reinterpreting stylish classics: Warehouse autumn/winter 2016
The beginning of a new style journey this fall/winter

Freshly-enlisted design director Emma Cook, known for her poppy prints and retro dresses, and brand consultant Alasdhair Willis, took the creative reins of Warehouse early this year. The odd pairing of quirk and commerce rebooted the British high street brand with their autumn/winter 2016 collection as solid proof that they’re a match made in sartorial heaven.

Cook’s debut season sees the reinterpretation of style classics: Bespoke prints, layered textures and contemporary silhouettes revamped for the urban city woman. Drawing inspiration from vintage classics, modern bohemia and the sixties, take a peek of the understatedly bold range before it drops in stores come September.

What: Polished eccentricity with a unique take on prints and fabrications. Classics, with an injected dose of quirk.
Highlights: Oversized coats, chunky knits and wide leg trousers that’ll keep you stylishly warm on your cold weather trips.

What: Inspired by London’s free-spirited era where romanticism and flowers reign supreme.
Highlights: Fluid navy silhouettes of asymmetric evening dress in painted florals and side split wide trousers — perfect for letting the cool breeze in when humidity strikes.

What: A nod to the mod sixties mixed with a quintessential British allure (think: 21st-century Twiggy).
Highlights: Different variation of checks on a hooded bomber jacket, wrap skirt, or wool trench coat for you to stay razor sharp through rain or shine.

Warehouse AW 2016 will be available in stores on September 2016.

Text: Bianca Husodo

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