Virgil Abloh and Byredo give a look, feel and smell to "Elevator Music"

Off-White x Byredo

Text: Andrea Sim

Yes, you read that right. The duo distilled the meaning of elevator music into a scent, and a range of bags

The latest concept to kindle Virgil Abloh's curiosity doesn't get much attention on the daily. One might find themselves subconsciously humming to the music in an elevator whilst ascending to the 35th floor, but these garden variety jingles more often than not fall on deaf ears. They play second fiddle to conversations, phone screens, and even an individual's internal monologue — precisely why Off-White's Abloh and Byredo's Ben Gorham have sought out the subject matter with a range of bags, scents, denim and tees titled "Elevator Music". 

"Much like literal elevator music, we wanted the scent to play a background to one's life," Abloh explained. The collection is said to also have been a challenge for both creatives to come up with products about which the consumer would require as little information as possible to understand its provenance. 

Browse above. 

"Elevator Music" is available at the Off-White store in Singapore. 


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