These Victoria's Secret bras are so cute you'd think they're edible

These Victoria's Secret bras are so cute you'd think they're edible

Sweet saccharine

Text: Jolene Khor

Whoever said pretty is overrated never wore the Dream Angels by Victoria's Secret

"Basic b*tch."

It's the ultimate insult to a woman. For one, the word b*tch is intensely problematic, due to its exclusive use on one sex group, targeting those who display attitudes socially acceptable (or even admirable) for the other. Basic is less foul, though equal in measure in its intention to hurt. To call someone unimaginative, boring, or typical in this individualistic decade cuts deep. Basic, the label, an existential conundrum.

Ergo, we're not going to use that phrase. Not if you're a fan of Starbucks coffee, not if you listen to Taylor Swift (although we may have questions about your taste in music), not if you're our worst enemy and certainly not if you fancy wearing Victoria's Secret under your off-shoulder top.

The American lingerie house has just released a new mini series of bras and panties, a happy update of the Dream Angels dubbed Dream in Colour. The Demi, the Push-Up and the Unlined Uplift bras come with the Memory Fit lining (it's softer than its predecessor's), a smooth U-shaped back (so the band doesn't ride up) and stretchier lace sides (lest they squeeze you in the wrong way). Speaking of the lace, the Triple Cross Dye Lace graces Dream Angels, its pattern unique to each garment. Our well-endowed sisters would be pleased to learn, the double row of hook and eye closures secure sizes up to 36-38DD.

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The Victoria's Secret Dream Angels: Dream in Colour is available at the Victoria’s Secret Mandarin Gallery boutique.