Versus Versace's resort collection adds fuel to the club kid's wardrobe

Keep calm and rave on

Text: Andrea Sim

Logos, neon, graffiti, repeat

We imagine the Versus boy and girl as regulars at Cherry Discotheque, Singapore's hip-hop haunt inconspicuously — and ironically — tucked right in the heart of the city in the basement of a hotel. It's trimmed in neon lights, fitted with a classic black and white checkerboard floor, and loaded with pre-millennium arcade machines. It's got that too-cool-for-school vibe going; even its toilets have proven themselves worthy of a quick selfie 'gram or two. 

As for what one should wear to a club like that, Versus Versace's resort 2018 collection comes up hot. Picking up steam with the label's newly minted bad boy rep (beginning with a collaboration with Zayn Malik), the Versus' oft time in-your-face sexiness is now a thing of the past. Just as we thought the slits couldn't get any higher and the necklines any lower, the younger line in the Versace family pulls a 180. Behold: A newfound propensity for edge, youth and trends. And, there's plenty to love.

Logos are flaunted unapologetically across bucket hats and muscle tees, neon hues spliced, shirred and splashed on dresses and bags, and pinstripe suits rendered for pairing with band T-shirts — not for the corporate cubicle. As Donatella Versace has previously divulged her intention to connect with a younger audience, the collaboration with Malik was only the turning point for Versus; it's trajectory soon to earn the brand its own VIP stamp of approval from the club kids themselves.


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