How Uniqlo U's fall collection is as functional as it is stylish

Made to function

Text: Andrea Sim

Artistic director Christophe Lemaire's third collection takes Uniqlo's brand of stylish functionality to new heights

French designer Christophe Lemaire's appointment at Uniqlo was hardly serendipitous; it was indeed a match made in heaven. His sartorial eye has done wonders to elevate the high street name's trademark simplicity, but combine that with Uniqlo's knack for absolute functionality and voilà: the Japanese company's contemporary range, Uniqlo U, bats in a league of its own. 

Lemaire, now having progressed from whipping up collections in breathable and waterproof fabrics, introduces two key technical feats in fall 2017's range. The first is a seamless knitwear by way of technique 3D U-knit, allowing undisrupted contruction of merino pieces as a whole, with overall benefits to a garment's form, fit and flexibility. The second is the enhancement of windproof quality in outerwear, achieved by scaling down the number of stitches needed in each piece. 

Also noteworthy is the improvement upon Uniqlo's existing Blocktech technology. Widely used in the brand's sportswear offerings, Lemaire is introducing a cotton finishing to these garments, casting a sartorial edge on functional waterproof, windproof and breathable outers. 

Browse Uniqlo U's fall/winter 2017 range below. 



The product galleries feature the first drop from Uniqlo U's fall 2017 collection. Available at Uniqlo stores from 6 October. Stay tuned for updates on the second drop in early November.  


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