Uniqlo's recycling initiative: Re.Uniqlo redefines casual wear with the 3Rs and a special down jacket

Uniqlo's recycling initiative: Re.Uniqlo redefines casual wear with the 3Rs and a special down jacket

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Text: Melina Chua

While 2020 may be leaving an indelible mark on history for a host of  reasons, there is no doubt that it has also witnessed the evolution of a few laudable transformations. For one, the fashion sustainability movement has steadily been picking up steam, with brands from Ganni to Nike deepening their commitments to walk the talk for the long haul.

The latest to join their ranks is Japanese casual wear staple Uniqlo, which has just introduced Re.Uniqlo, a circular sustainability initiative focused on recycling, reusing and reducing. This move sees an upgrade of the brand's All-Product Recycling initiative launched in 2006, where used Uniqlo garments are donated directly to folks in need, as part of their mission towards "unlocking the power of clothing" to benefit people, our planet and the community at large.

Uniqlo down jacket

This time, while maintaining the reusability of pre-worn clothing by continuing to distribute them to refugees, disaster victims, and others in need across the globe, the programme is also designed to breathe new life into pre-loved Uniqlo garb. In doing so, Uniqlo aims to contribute to the reduction of waste, carbon dioxide emissions, as well as resource consumption throughout their products' life cycles.

Recycled Down Jackets, the first line of apparel to be birthed from Re.Uniqlo, will be launched in Singapore on 9 November. Constructed with rejuvenated down and feathers collected from 620,000 used down jackets, and available in a range of colours perfectly suited for fall, the collection is the brainchild of the Uniqlo U design team from the Uniqlo Paris R&D Centre, helmed by Artistic Director, Christophe Lemaire.

"My personal commitments are aligned with the goals of Re.Uniqlo," says Lemaire. "The Uniqlo U Recycled Down Jacket represents Uniqlo and my own continued dedication to sustainability."

From 12 October, owners of Uniqlo down products in Singapore may play their very own part in the brand's sustainability efforts by donating their unwanted apparel to collection boxes in Uniqlo stores islandwide. From then till 31 January next year, donors will receive a $10 Uniqlo voucher in return.


Re.Uniqlo is just one of Uniqlo's first few steps towards rethinking methods of designing and distributing quality casual wear that also safeguards our future. Last year, it launched a sustainable denim programme BlueCycle and made a commitment to reduce single-use plastic. While there is a lot more room for growth, it is a nod in the right direction, and we are here for it.

Recycled Down Jackets will be available at Uniqlo Orchard Central Flagship store and from 9 November 2020.

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