Shop for a cause: Uniqlo presents the Batik Motif collection

Fashion to empower

A modern play on traditional batik prints by Uniqlo that you shouldn’t miss

This summer, with another program in the Uniqlo Factory Worker Empowerment Project, Uniqlo looks to give back to the employees of their parent company, Fast Retailing's affiliated factories in Indonesia by contributing a portion of sales for educational assistance.

To do so, t
he beloved Japanese retailer has taken inspiration from one of the country's greatest arts, and worked with Indonesian Batik prints — a series of lines and dots telling the story of an illustrious heritage. Combining Indonesia's rich culture with the brand's longstanding assurance of simplicity, quality and longevity, Uniqlo presents its newest Batik Motif Collection.

Working in hand with a designer from the Indonesian Batik Foundation to create original prints, attention falls on the expressive yet subtle batik patterns in the newest LifeWear range. With Uniqlo's classic minimalism, gents can look forward to pieces that will assimilate easily into their wardrobe, while ladies will eagerly anticipate the everyday basics. And, as one to never renege on their promise of comfort and quality, the modern silhouettes and designs from Uniqlo are perfect to brave the heat of summer.

Shop the Uniqlo Batik Motif Collection at Uniqlo stores located at Jem, Suntec City, VivoCity and at the Uniqlo online store. Prices start from $39.90. 

Text: Priscilla Tan

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