Tory Burch rallies a stylish troop in support of women's ambitions

Tory Burch rallies a stylish troop in support of women's ambitions


Text: Andrea Sim

Jamie Lee Curtis, Yara Shahidi, Kerry Washington and more remind us why ambition is not a dirty word

Bossy? No. Ambitious.
Pushy? No. Ambitious.
Abrasive? No. Ambitious.

On International Women's Day, we are reclaiming the word "ambition", with compliments to Tory Burch. 
"Why should women be scared of being ambitious?" It's not the first time the entrepreneur and CEO has raised the question. Unbeknownst to many who are familiar with Tory's all-American athleisure, women's rights — and in particular, ambition — holds a special place in her heart. A mother of three who's built a lifestyle and fashion empire from scratch, she is no stranger to the antipathetic sentiments ambitious women are saddled with — a prejudice that's (sadly) well alive in the 21st century. 

Having campaigned to empower women with the Tory Burch Foundation since 2009, the proud feminist rallies yet again for solidarity on International Women's Day. The result? A roundup of a super troop of inspiring women and men of all ages, colour and creed, who has banded together for a timely reminder on why no woman should ever be shamed for going for their dreams.

Watch, be inspired, and #EmbraceAmbition:

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