Topshop brings back the '90s in sustainable fashion

Topshop brings back the '90s in sustainable fashion

Dressing green

Text: Andrea Sim

If you watch what you wear as much as you watch what you eat, this environmentally friendly Topshop collection is the guilt-free high street gratification you've been dreaming of

As they say, karma goes full circle. But in this case, so does fashion. Bringing back the racy slips and denim everything that pervaded the '90s, the British brand's Reclaim range is as socially responsible as it is trendy — utilising surplus fabrics from previous collections to update your wardrobe. Starting out as a collaboration with sustainable movement Reclaim to Wear, it has since blossomed into a core initiative practised religiously by the company five seasons on.

"Topshop Reclaim collections offer a progressive solution for excess material from previous collections. It is a priority for us to minimise textile waste across all of our product categories, while also creating on-trend designs and wardrobe essentials in true Topshop aesthetic," explained global design director, Jacqui Markham.

Right on the nose of fall 2016's cut-and-sew tailoring and granny florals obssessions, satisfy your cravings for sports hoodies, denim minis and wallpaper dresses with an ease of mind — you know this is the one high street edit that won't stop the Earth from being green. 

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