Topshop flirts with decades worth of musical inspirations for its autumn wares

Penny Lane

Text: Jolene Khor

You'll find pieces borrowed from bohemia and punk cultures, with a hint of sophisticated suiting thrown in

Do you remember the Cameron Crowe classic, 'Almost Famous'? Set in the 1970s, it was fronted by a fresh-faced pre-romcom Kate Hudson as the whimsical Penny Lane, muse (read: groupie) to Billy Crudup's rockstar Russell Hammond of fictional Stillwater fame. The talented Phillip Seymour Hoffman also starred; his seasoned journalist was voice of reason to the protagonist, a budding writer in search of the meaning of life in the world of rock and roll. 

If you caught it on HBO growing up, you might recall alongside the drama and the laughs, Penny Lane's wardrobe of velvet coats with exaggerated fur collars and sleeves, crochet tops paired with granny florals and knee-grazing boots with chunky heels. 

Topshop's fall/winter 2017 collection is Penny Lane and then some. This may very well be the musings of one editor of course, but the imagination of Kate Phelan, the British label's creative director, sketching the pieces for her Lane girl all grown up doesn't feel like a stretch.

In the gallery, note the familiar florals in muted green on a deceptively modest skirt; its high slit only apparent upon a crossed leg. And then there's the fur coat, richer than Lane's, worn over big girl knits and proper trousers, but not without a slight air of irreverence. The more conservative pieces by way of Beetlejuice suit separates painted in red and mixed polka dot blouse are in line with the boogie-inclined decade inching towards the '80s, while the same can be said of the shiny leather jacket and pants — though probably best not worn at the same time. Even rock and roll has its boundaries.

See the rest of Topshop's autumn offerings above, and Buro's favourite picks below:


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