How to shop The Outnet's upcoming sale ahead of time

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Text: Andrea Sim

For four days only, the e-tailer is hosting an exclusive pre-sale sale — here's how to get access and what to add to your shopping cart, stat

Heart palpitations. Sweaty palms. Questionable decisions. Despite leaving our inebriated youth behind, the same symptoms — and consequences — prevail in adulthood, except often rearing their heads during sale season. Are suede boots really practical for the tropical climate? Unlikely. Though at 70% off and with "only one left", its destiny is probably a DHL box and then your closet. 

In interest of avoiding remorse the morning after, a diligent shopper worth her weight in shoes will always commit to pre-sale homework to make solid decisions come show time. But the astute shopper worth her weight in shoes will also jump on any chance to get a leg up. For instance: The Outnet's private pre-sale sale. For a duration of four days, the e-tailer is offering opportunity to shop its sale selection before the floodgates open. Below, the all-access pass that'll let you mull over your sins and crowd source for opinions on IG Stories before checking out your cart in peace. 

What: An exclusive sale preview
When: 2 March - 5 March 
How: Use code EARLYACCESS for discounts up to 70%  


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