The making of the Singapore golden jubilee Hermès Kellydoll bags

Watch it first

Text: Andrea Sim

In celebration of our golden jubilee, Hermès has crafted five Kellydoll bags just for Singapore — click play to catch the meticulous process that brought us these enchanting masterpieces

There's luxury, and then there's whimsical luxury. You might be surprised that a leather house with a storied and distinguished reputation like Hermès would take a lighthearted approach to their accessories, but a closer look at these bags tell a bigger story. From the soft, child-like sketches of Philippe Dumas to the playful Kellydoll bag first created in 1999 by Jean-Louis Dumas, it's clear that Hermès indeed appreciates a bit of whimsy in life. 

The Kellydoll bag resembles the famous Kelly, albeit with eyes, hands and mouths that adorn its luxurious leather body. Five different designs have been conceived to commemorate five decades of independence on our sunny isle, and these bags will be on display at the Hermès Leather Forever exhibition at the ArtScience Museum come this weekend. To watch the bags being crafted from scatch, press play on the video above. 

The Hermès Leather Forever exhibition at the ArtScience Museum is open to the public from 25 October to 13 December.