5 top fashion stylists behind celebrities' hottest OOTDs and how to get their style on Instagram

5 top fashion stylists behind celebrities' hottest OOTDs and how to get their style on Instagram

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Text: Debby Kwong

Editor: Jolene Khor

Nothing short of geniuses, these are the stylish folk behind celebrities’ off-duty style

With paparazzi and social media operating 24/7, is there really an "off-duty" moment for models and celebrities? Look at Balenciaga's spring/summer 2018 campaign for instance where models hid from paparazzi, and Kanye West styling his latest Yeezy collection with a series of famous friends in faux paparazzi shots. Verdict: street style is still major.

Whether they're attending a post-event party, grabbing a cup of juice or simply leaving their house for the day, every outfit on an It-girl has been planned to a T. But the real masterminds behind the winning looks are the stylists, who you should follow on Instagram to know about the newest brands, next season's must-haves, and along the way, pick up a tip or two (one hopes) to putting those fab ensembles together yourself.

You'll learn lots about Marni Senofonte's personal style just from her Instagram profile; lots of #OOTDs with wacky silhouettes and unconventional layering in high and low, because a nude Zara jacket looks absolute killer with Y/Project boots. She also offers practical styling advice online (aside to her clients, Kendall Jenner, Beyoncé and Adele) when one user commented on the backpack she styled with Prada's flame wedges, saying "I got it at Ikea a few months ago, it's not a collab or special piece, $30, in (the) bag section." Girl keeps it real.



    "It's a version of giving your friend advice on what to wear, but then there's actual results from it," said Emma Jade Morrison, 27, who left her job at Vogue magazine less than a year ago to style Emily Ratajkowski, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Martha Hunt professionally. "I find now that a really strong street style outfit can resonate more than a red carpet outfit. There's such a fashion-conscious public now."



      If you want to know what Gigi Hadid, Priyanka Chopra and Ariana Grande are wearing from head to toe (literally, Mimi Cuttrell even tags @wearecommando in the street style image), you'll love their stylist's profile. Cuttrell also tags the rest of the team that helped create the look, from hair to makeup and nails, so you can continue discovering the best of the best in the industry.



      4. KARLA WELCH
      Karla Welch dresses the cool girls (think: Sarah Paulson, Lorde and Tracee Ellis Ross) who aren't afraid to stunt under-the-radar labels such as George Keburia, and accessorise with quirky accessories from Edie Parker, Stella Luna and Paula Mendoza. Other than her fervour for fashion, she also shares her passion for politics and encourages followers to get involved.



        5. MAEVE REILLY
        Maeve Reilly got her start in the industry with men's styling, dressing Russell Brand and Jamie Foxx, but she soon added iconic women in music and entertainment — Hailey Baldwin, Bebe Rexha and Halsey just to name a few — to her list, and the rest was history. You know you’ve made it when Donatella Versace sends you clothes. Reilly also reps Australian brands such as Ksubi, The Wolf Gang and Bec+Bridge.


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