The Burberry trench coat you can wear in Singapore

The Burberry trench coat you can wear in Singapore

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Text: Jolene Khor

All hail tropical gabardine

If it seems like Burberry's fall/winter collection was just on the runway, that's because it was. "See now, buy now" delivers, with the London label's first shipment already available in stores worldwide. While most of Christopher Bailey's careful deconstruction of the classics (of which, the sweatshirt-dress with an asymmetrical architecture sitting atop of a white shirt with macrame lace, was our favourite) were met with admiration, the quiet winner of the collection is his manifestation of the trench coat.

Untrained eyes will pick up on the extra body room, the robust sleeves, the softer, rounded shoulders. Construction concepts aside — he was clearly taken by artist Henry Moore's abstract sculptural inclinations — the fabric, aptly named tropical gabardine, requires further inspection.

The Burberry trench coat you can wear in Singapore (фото 1)

In itself, gabardine is not new to Burberry. Revolutionary when it was first introduced by Thomas Burberry in 1879, the tightly woven cloth was (and still is) lauded for its capacity to repel water. Close cousin tropical gabardine came a little later. It is even lighter in weight and improved in terms of breathability. Gossamer threads, not cotton threads, is the answer to its wearability in warm climates.

Bailey did not limit his employment of the tropical gabardine to the trench coat. (Can we get an "amen" for that?). The full range of 
the tropical gabardine outerwear — even those with frontal drapery and A-line skirting — will be available from March 2017 onwards.

In the mean time, drop by the refurbished Ion Orchard store to shop the rest of his February drops (see below), fresh off the runway.