So hot, it's cool: Uniqlo taps Alexander Wang for its new Heattech range

So hot, it's cool: Uniqlo taps Alexander Wang for its new Heattech range

Reunited and it feels good

Text: Ryan Sng

Editor: Jolene Khor

Uniqlo heats up with Alexander Wang

Innerwear has long been one of the hardest-working, least-appreciated clothing categories: the Best Supporting Actress of garments if you will. All that may be changing soon, with Uniqlo's upcoming Heattech range, designed in partnership with Alexander Wang.

The New York-based designer isn't the first name that springs to mind when one hears "long johns", but when you think about it, who better to shake up innerwear than the man who made stars of bike shorts — among other hitherto uncool pieces? Especially since Wang is already familiar with Uniqlo; his first collaboration with the Japanese conglomerate dates a decade back, when he took part in the Uniqlo Designers Invitation Project. 

"When I look into expanding into additional categories, I seek out partners that really can innovate the product we make and how our fans can access it," Wang said. "Uniqlo is the ideal partner for this collection of innerwear because we share an appreciation of functionality and utilitarianism, and I am thrilled our collaboration has resulted in developing a new Heattech line; the perfect place to pick up from where we left off ten years ago." 

The range of T-shirts, leggings, undershirts and briefs, all imbued with Wang's Midas touch (or murk touch, come to think of it), will doubtlessly keep us warm on our next wintry sojourn abroad.

Browse our picks from the men's and women's collections below:

The UNIQLO and Alexander Wang collection will be available online from November 8th, and available at UNIQLO Orchard Central from November 9th.

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