Shop for a cause: The Ralph Lauren Pink Pony collection

Fight against cancer

Shop for a cause: The Ralph Lauren Pink Pony collection
Stock up on Ralph Lauren's signature polo shirts and give in to the It-bag you've been trying to resist, all for a good cause

Regina George might have declared pink appropriate on Wednesdays, but we think that joining in on the fight against breast cancer is reason enough to disobey the resident Mean Girl. Ralph Lauren helped establish the Nina Hyde Centre for Breast Cancer Research as a tribute to the former fashion editor of The Washington Post more than 20 years ago, and has been actively championing the cause ever since. 

In a movement tied in with his label, Ralph Lauren's Pink Pony campaign sees a collection of casualwear with their signature preppy aesthetic and, of course, the iconic logo in pink. Mesh polo shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and men's accessories are available, and part of the proceeds from the sales are channeled towards the research centre's funds. 

For the campaign's 15th anniversary, Ralph Lauren's bag of the moment also takes on the feminine, pale shade — the small Ricky drawstring bag is available in pink, and the medium-sized version in black with a pink nappa interior. Perfect for work or running errands around town, make the small Ricky drawstring your everyday bag. We're sure that Regina George won't mind. 

25% and 50% of the proceeds from sales of the Pink Pony apparel and Pink Pony Ricky Drawstring bags respectively, goes to the breast cancer foundation. The collection is available at Ralph Lauren boutiques and online here

Text: Andrea Sim

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