Watch: Saint Laurent's heady glamour beckons of a night like no other

After hours

Text: Andrea Sim

Have you really partied if you’ve never been to a Saint Laurent party?

Let's get one thing straight: The sunset is pretty much a proverbial toast to the boundless possibilities that present themselves after hours. Music, strobe lights, atmospheric highs; subsets that make up a rocking party, but also the bedrock of any Saint Laurent runway show

They typically take place post-evening, with an underground or dramatic beat setting the stage. It is purposefully lit, but just enough for glimmers of the season's garments to have you transfixed. And then, smoke machines come into play — calibrated to put a pulsating EDM concert to shame. It has all the right clothes too, albeit sans the crowd grooving to the beat. But when moves are actually part of the equation, it is singularly intoxicating. Clichéd? By all means, but in Anthony Vaccarello's words, "Even if it's a cliché, I want to push the cliché so far it's beautiful."

Above, summer 2018's video sets the tone for season. Watch, and then just imagine their after-parties.