Return to tradition with Then & There by Matter

Return to tradition with Then & There by Matter

Artisanal fashion

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Matter weaves a story of Asian cultural heritage with their latest launch, Then & There

The latest incarnation of Matter takes the form of a series of tales depicting a bygone era of traditions and beloved craftsmanship. Going back to their roots and origins, Then & There is a collection of four signature styles of Matter trousers that honour provenance and values of Asia's rich multicultural background.

Every piece in the collection is a meaningful tale as four designers from Singapore, India, Philippines and Indonesia contribute their voices in collaboration with Matter to create prints that narrate stories from their respective home countries. Singapore's print is a portrayal of the dynamic multi-racial landscape and the country's lauded transformation from a tiny port city to today's developed global nation. India sees the country's varied textile crafts coming together in a kaleidoscope of motif prints that symbolises their diversity. In a new interpretation that combines their country flag with the carvings on a traditional musical instrument, the Kulintang gong, is Philippines. Last but not least, Indonesia's design is inspired from an 18th century Truntum motif representing unconditional love and solidarity.

Matter Then&There collection

At its core of being a socially conscious label supporting the cultivation of sustainable fashion, Then & There is the physical manifestation of Matter's ethos. Made with methods that harken back to times of yore, the collection spins each nation's tale using the authentic process of block printing by skilled hands, a traditional technique that dates back over 4000 years. Infused with cherished sentiments, a piece from the collection goes beyond an article of clothing  it is an artisanal cultural emblem.

Matter Then&There collection

To commemorate the launch of Then & There and its unique illustrations, Matter is simultaneously debuting a limited selection of complimentary momentos and knick-knacks that tie in with the collection, such as customised postcards and keychains, fabric pouches and colourful bracelets. So go on an exploratory fashion expedition that rediscovers the beauty of Asian culture and dress yourself in Matter's functional and story telling designs.

The Then & There collection is available here from 15 October.