Not just fantasy: Fairytale frocks for the dreamer in you

Red Valentino SS16

Not just fantasy: Fairytale frocks for the dreamer in you
Summery confections of lace and tulle to set the heart aflutter

Inside every fine, young woman is a girl. A girl who dares to dream of her happy ever after, of breaking the mundane everyday rules, and of slipping on a flouncy, sugary frock that will make her feel like a princess. But, not all dreams are tinted in colours of the rainbow and sprinkled with flowers and butterflies — there are many chapters to a fairytale as Red Valentino knows.

Looking for a slice of historic femininity? Here's inspiration of Marie Antoinette down pat. Bring on a riot of rebellious punk rockers, prep school to prairie girls and uptown princesses — whichever your inner persona prefers, the search for the perfectly empowering ensemble is over. The most rewarding and fun outfits after all, make the wearer feel like they're in character while amplifying their personalities too.

Browse below to satisfy the dreamer in you: 

The spring/summer 2016 collection is available at Red Valentino boutiques worldwide. 

Text: Andrea Sim

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